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Featurette: Behind the Scenes of Beirut

Featurette: Behind the Scenes of Beirut

Go behind the scenes of the making of Beirut in this new Featurette from Bleecker Street

  • Rosamund Pike is Sandy Crowder

    A look at Rosamund Pike's character in Beirut

  • Conceptualizing the Production Design of Beirut

    Production designer Arad Sawat takes us into his creative process by showing us how he visualized Beirut

  • Tony Gilroy's Tangled Universe

    From the Bourne films to Michael ClaytonBeirut's screenwriter creates characters whose internal conflicts match the political ones they must confront.

  • Lebanon Held Hostage

    The kidnapping at the center of Brad Anderson's film Beirut highlights the real abductions that occurred over a decade in Lebanon.

  • Beirut's Golden Age

    When Beirut's protagonist (Jon Hamm) returns to war-torn Lebanon in 1982, he still remembers a time a decade before when the city was the Paris of the Middle East

  • A Room with a View - of Urban Warfare

    A photo essay of the Minet-el-Hosn hotel district in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war

  • Danger is Everywhere

    Beirut joins the tradition of politically savvy, smart international thrillers, like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Year of Living Dangerously

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Leave No Trace is headed to Cannes

Leave No Trace is headed to Cannes

We are so proud and excited to have Debra Granik’s Leave No Trace in this year’s Festival de Cannes.  Read more about this year's festival.

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