Watch Sara Bareilles & Co. in the opening number of Broadway's Waitress — now a movie

Watch Sara Bareilles & Co. in the opening number of Broadway's Waitress — now a movie

Star Sara Bareilles, who also wrote the show's music, jokes with EW that Waitress was harder than Into the Woods because of no bathroom breaks.

There are only moments in the woods, which meant Sara Bareilles could get some much-needed relief.

The actress and singer-songwriter has steadily carved out a name for herself on Broadway, first writing the score and doing a stint starring in Waitress: The Musical, before going on to portray the Baker's Wife in last season's revival of Into the Woods. And though both roles are equally demanding, Woods is definitely easier on the bladder. "If I'm going to be honest, there is almost no time off stage with Jenna so if you like to pee, which I do, Jenna is more challenging because there are less bathroom breaks," she quips.

She continues, more seriously, saying, "I think they are both wonderful, complicated roles, with lots and lots to play with and mine. The Baker's Wife — I named her Rebecca, so she was her own person — has so much humor and heart and urgency and desperation; it was a delight to play with someone who was so on the edge and willing to do anything to become a mother, all while trying to stay with one foot in the storybook land of Into the Woods. Jenna has a very complicated journey to go on, a wildly rich interior life and an abusive relationship and a romantic discovery that ultimately leads her back to herself."

Fans can watch Bareilles on that journey when a filmed production of Waitress hits theaters, courtesy of Bleecker Street and Fathom Events, for a five-day engagement beginning Dec. 7.

But if you just can't wait for a taste of Jenna's pie, EW has an exclusive first look above at the musical's opening number.

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