Viggo Mortensen Goes Off the Grid on CAPTAIN FANTASTIC

Viggo Mortensen Goes Off the Grid

Shannon Rednour

In a recent article on CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, Charles McGrath of The New York Times notes how Viggo Mortensen is suited to the role of Ben Cash:

It’s hard to imagine a part tapping more deeply into the inner Viggo. Mr. Mortensen is himself not a back-to-the woods survivalist, exactly, but he knows his Chomsky and lives about as far off the grid as a major movie star can and still get work. He is famously picky about roles and makes only a movie or so a year without worrying too much about whether it makes any money.

What appealed to him about “Captain Fantastic,” he said, was the script, one of the better screenplays he’d read in a long time. He recognized the ways he and Ben Cash overlapped, but even more, he liked the way the story defied expectations, with the character becoming more extreme and isolated as the movie goes on, and eventually forced to make a sort of uneasy compromise with the outside world and its values.

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