EYE IN THE SKY Director Gavin Hood Talks Drone Warfare

EYE IN THE SKY Director Gavin Hood Talks Drone Warfare

Shannon Rednour

Military.com sat down with Director Gavin Hood to discuss EYE IN THE SKY's ripped from the headlines story line. In addition to discussing some of the similarities to recent news events, Gavin also discussed his goal for finding 'balance' in his story-telling:

Can we make an entertaining thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you with plenty to talk about? Can we do these two things without in any way preaching to the audience or telling them what to think? Can we offer multiple points of view and let the audience be the jury and decide what they think? I hope we found that balance. That’s certainly what we were trying to do so that we could help be part of a conversation, as opposed to punting too hard one way or the other.

Read more of his interview with Military.com here and for more on EYE IN THE SKY, click here.

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