EYE IN THE SKY is a New York Times Critics’ Pick

Drone Precision vs. Human Failings

EYE IN THE SKY is a New York Times Critics’ Pick

Shannon Rednour

In the New York Times review of EYE IN THE SKY, reviewer Stephen Holden ponders a question central to the film's story:

At what point does warfare by remote control become an impersonal video game in which the human element is overlooked in the pursuit of a so-called “good kill”?

He also notes the stellar performances of Helen Mirren and the late Alan Rickman.

General Benson is Mr. Rickman’s final screen performance, and it is great one, suffused with a dyspeptic world-weary understanding of war and human nature. Because his character is observed early in the movie buying a doll for a child, he is not unsympathetic so much as profoundly sad. Ms. Mirren has rarely been icier, and her powerful, scary performance doesn’t strive to make her character likable.

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