Director Edward Zwick on Bobby Fischer

Director Edward Zwick on Bobby Fischer

In addition to premiering the PAWN SACRIFICE poster, also posted an interview with director Edward Zwick. The interview reveals some interesting trivia on the making of PAWN SACRIFICE and the challenges of framing a story around a protagonist as "extremely unlikeable" as Bobby Fischer.

"To me, one of the most moving parts of the story is how isolated he was and how alienated he was, even in the midst of this international spotlight," says director Edward Zwick. "The question was, Could we understand him? That would certainly open the door for a compassionate perspective."

On the matter of how Zwick was so successful at making chess interesting in a film, he revealed, "I’m never going to be able to teach an audience the nuances of chess, but I think audiences are very much attuned to the struggle between two athletes, as indeed these two chess players are. There’s a line in the movie, when he says, 'It’s the domination of one man’s will over another’s.' And that is always dramatic."

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